Messages On Hold

Top three reasons why successful practices use Medical Messages On Hold


Placing a caller on hold may not be your first choice but it does happen. Many callers that hear on-hold and wonder if they have been disconnected and will often hang up after about 45 seconds. Lost callers may be lost patients! Callers on-hold that hear Medical Messages about your practice are more likely to stay on hold for several minutes and schedule appointments.

Our digital audio system is designed for Medical Messages-On-Hold playback on phone systems. The MP3 or WAV audio file is stored on a removable USB flash drive that is plugged into the USB hub on the unit. The loading of new audio is easily done by “dragging and dropping” the MP3 or WAV file from a computer to the USB flash drive. The device also includes on-board (internal) flash memory that can store and play a single audio file. Once the MP3 or WAV file is loaded, the USB drive can be unplugged from the unit. Cassettes are also available.


In our fast paced world, patients can make an instant opinion about your practice based on how you answer your phone and what they hear if they are placed on-hold. Silence on-hold is boring and unprofessional. How important is the your image?

Hold time provides a great opportunity to introduce your credentials, procedures and products.


Patients and perspective call your practice to learn more about you and your services. On hold you have their complete attention.  Use on-hold time to educate your them about all of your newest procedures, products and reinforce your credentials as well as timely promotions and events. Remember,  it is 15 times less expensive to sell an additional procedure, product or service to your existing patients than it is to attract new patients?

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