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Dental Waiting Room Videos

Our DVD format was developed for those practices with Flat Screen TVs. Many offices play them in the exam rooms equipped with small flat TVs with built in DVD players. They are now available on USB Flash Drives for use in certain “Smart TVs.”

You may choose Classical music, Spa music or a combination of both. The music played in sample videos represents the different music selections mixed in out Classical and Spa music selections. If you would prefer silence, simply turn the volume down.

You can choose to add or delete a procedure in the future subject to a remastering fee. Please note that a DVD can hold up to 20 procedures. USBs can hold more.

  • The base price per DVD or USB is $299.
  • Individual procedure videos are $60 each.
  • A flat shipping fee of $35 will be applied to each video.
Dental Waiting Room Videos

DVDs or USBs normally ship via UPS Next Day within 5 business days.

3-Slide Intro (optional):

We can customize your presentation with a three slide introduction about your credentials and practice.

  1. Select Format - DVD or USB ($299)
  2. Add 3 Slide Introduction ($299 - optional)
  3. Select Music Style: Classical, Spa or Classical mixed with Spa music.
  4. Add Additional Copies with this order ($100 each).
  5. Select your Video Procedures below ($60 each) and then Add To Cart.
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