TopDocs is more than just another Doctor Portal. It provides members with two complete, editable, TopDocs websites with Google indexed pages to improve your organic ranking in the search results. provides patients with the latest, Patient-Friendly™ information on the top cosmetic procedures and actual before and after photographs along with links to the doctors who perform the procedures in the patient's area.

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Our rich content features before & after photographs of actual patients for people online searching for information on the procedure and links them to the websites of top Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and Dentists listed in our directory.

Built in statistics enables each member to view:
  • # Visitors
  • # Returning visitors
  • # Phone calls made to your office from TopDocs
  • # Clicks to your website from TopDocs
  • # Appointment requests from TopDocs
  • # Pages viewed and how often

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Our clients say that is one of the most cost effective and economical ways to drive qualified patients to their website.

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