Medical Messages-On-Hold Systems and Productions

MJD specializes in Messages-On-Hold Systems and productions for Plastic surgery, Cosmetic surgery, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Facial Plastic surgery, ENT, OBGYN, Ophthalmology, laser medicine and dentistry. Our custom on-Hold messages increase consults and information requests, educate your callers about your practice, reinforce your credentials and enhance your image. We have hundreds of systems educating patients on hold every day.

100% solid state Digital electronics so they won't wear out or distort. The permanent FLASH MEMORY means messages are never lost or distorted due to power failures.

MJD On-Hold systems come with the industry leading FIVE-YEAR Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.

USB messages are delivered as cassette, MP3 or WAV files.

The OH 1200 is a 100% digital audio system designed for your Custom Medical Messages On Hold playback to patient on hold. The MP3 audio is stored on a removable USB flash drive that is plugged into the USB hub on the unit. The loading of new audio is easily done by inserting the USB flash drive. Once the message file is loaded, the USB can be removed from the unit.

The OH 1200 is designed for long-term, reliable audio playback for a business application. Made in the USA and covered by our Five Year Warranty.

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Price: $699.00