Dental Looping Procedure Videos

Our looping dental videos were developed to play in a loop for patients in reception areas with Flat Screen TVs. Many offices play them in the exam rooms as well. They are available on USB Flash Drives or DVD. NOTE: Not all Flat screen TVs can actually play movies from their USB port. Check with your TV's manufacturer to be sure it can play movies through the USB port.

  • Each procedure video is about four minutes long.
  • All DVDs are fixed in size and can only hold up to 20 procedure videos. DVDs are programmed to loop.
  • USBs can hold many more videos than a DVD and can be plugged into the back of your TV. As such, no player or extra wires are needed. The Looping Function for the USB is controlled by the setting options in the TV.
  • Our users tell us that voiceovers tend to annoy staff and patients that don’t want to hear about the procedures.
  • Soothing music tends to relax nervous patients.
  • Some practices already have soothing music playing and don’t want the voice overs.
  • Practices that already have music playing simply turn our music off and the patients still read the message.
  • Since our procedure videos use text to tell the story, patients are more engaged and likely request additional information about the procedure.

Our dental looping videos may include classical music, spa music or a combination of both. The music played in sample looping procedure videos (below on this page) represents the different mix of music selections in our Classical and Spa music selections. Should you would prefer to not have our music play, simply turn the volume down.

You can choose to add or delete a procedure in the future subject to a remastering fee plus the cost of the additional procedures.

Your custom looping DVD or USB movie is not licensed for website use. However, we can license our procedure videos for website use. Please call us for additional information on web based videos.

Allow 10 business days for delivery.

  • The base price per DVD or USB is $299.
  • Individual procedure videos are $60 each.
  • A flat shipping fee of $35 will be applied to each video.

  1. Select Format - DVD or USB ($299)
  2. Add 3 Slide Introduction ($299 - optional)
  3. Select Music Style: Classical, Spa or Classical mixed with Spa music.
  4. Add Additional Copies with this order ($100 each).
  5. Select your Video Procedures below ($60 each) and then Add To Cart.
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